Country: Victoria Australia
Region / Province: Victoria
Currency: Australian Dollar
Language: English
Nearest Airport: Avalon
When to go: January – December
Best Size: 4-12′
Break Type: Point break

When Wikipop it at its best, its a long, lined up wall that can peel for well over 200 meters along a flat rock reef. It ramps up, it barrels and it just gets better with size. Usually the wave happens in 2 sections, uppers and lowers but under the right conditions it can all line up into one long, amazing ride. Winkipop is best on a high tide, a good S swell and N-NW wind. If you see it looking like that, you won’t be able to run down from the carpark fast enough. On smaller days you can just follow the path down and paddle straight out. On bigger days, it’s recommended to paddle out from the beach at Bells and to the right of the reef, known as The Button or jump off the button if conditions allow. From there you can watch the outside sets and time your paddle out accordingly. Once you make it around the reef you’ll drift right into Uppers and be in prime position to catch one of Australia’s most amazing natural wonders.