Seal Rocks/ Treachery Beach

Country: Australia
Region / Province: New South Wales
Currency: Australian Dollar
Language: English
Nearest Airport: Newcastle Airport
When to go: January – December
Best Size: 2-10′



The point at Treachery/ Seal Rocks sticks way out into the Tasman Sea and as a result this region picks up tons of swell. With the area of Seal Rocks on the north side and Treachery Beach on the south side, winds are usually favorable somewhere along this point. Treachery is why most visitors come to this area to surf as it features an expansive beach with a huge swell window that picks up even the smallest south and east swells. Added to that, the frequent north/ northeast winds that blowout most nearby spots are dead offshore here and this means perfect conditions at Treachery Beach, even while the rest of the coast is a complete mess. Depending on swell size and direction, the waves can vary from tapered long walls to heavy A-frames. Barrels a plenty.

For accommodations, most visitors stay at Treachery Camp, where both traditional camp sites and cabins are available. There is also a holiday park on the Seal Rocks side. If you’re just cruising by, Treachery Camp offers public parking for $5 and a short walk to the surf. One of the many great things about this area is that virtually 365 days a year there is something to ride and the rural vibe and unspoiled landscape is absolutely amazing. Word of caution: Watch out for the dingos. They’ll take your stuff in a heartbeat. Wetsuits, rashies, clothes, food… you name it. Keep you belongings inside your tent or hung from trees to avoid them becoming dingo playtoys. No surf shops nearby so take whatever you need. Of course, you can always order online at 🙂