Country: Bali Indonesia
Region / Province: Bali
Currency: Indonesian Rupiah
Language: Bahasa Indonesian
Nearest Airport: Ngurah Rai Airport (Denpasar)
When to go: January – December
Best Size: 3-10′
Break Type: Reef break



Lacerations is a fast, hollow wave that offers surfers a punchy right barrel. At 2-4 feet is can be quite playful, though it gets more consequential with size. As waves come out of the Badung Strait they hit Lacerations’ sharp, shallow reef and immediate bowl up. Avoid the reef and you’ll be looking through the window of a perfect barrel, hit it and you’ll quickly understand how the break got its name. Like with most waves on the island, at low tide the reef is completely exposed and, despite how much swell may be in the water, waves are non existent. As the tide pushes back in though, Lacerations roars back to life, ready to offer you a very memorable experience.
To access Lacerations you’ll need to either make the long paddle (about 20 minutes each way) or take one of the boat taxis out to the lineup (recommended). For about $7 the captain will take you out and then pick you back at a prearranged time. For the ultimate experience, book with Lembongan Surf Trips. Their local experts (who also run the Lembongan Surf Team) will take you out to the lineups, help select the best surf breaks, which can change hour by hour, and provide full surf guiding services that’ll help you get into the perfect position to really maximize your wave count. They also provide refreshments so that you can take breaks without needing to head back to shore.