Bells Beach

Country: Victoria Australia
Region / Province: Victoria
Currency: Australian Dollar
Language: English
Nearest Airport: Avalon
When to go: January – December
Best Size: 3-20′
Break Type: Point break



The infamous Bells Beach, where epic clashes from Curren vs. Occy to Kelly vs. Mick have gone down at the world’s longest running surf contest. Bells is a classic wave that picks up a lot of south swell, works well on all tides and most winds. It can be fun even when the waves are small and it can handle waves up to 20 foot+, making it one of Australia’s most consistent surf breaks. Bells is a long wave that consists of 2 main sections, Rincon and the Bowl. Rincon is the outer point and it’s best surfed on a high tide. The Bowl, which is really the premier wave at Bells, is a low tide wave that gets absolutely stellar at 6 foot+. A notable point about Bells Beach is that it is one of the few official Surfing Reserves in all the world, meaning that it is protected and will always be there for surfers to enjoy. If you make it to Victoria, paddle out at Bells Beach and experience one of the most magical waves in the world.